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Welcome to our farm on the internet. We live on a small 5 acre farm located in Belen, New Mexico. We moved out here from Albuquerque, New Mexico after we got tired of living the fast paced corporate lifestyle where we were so dependent on corporations that conveniently provide everything at the expense of our health and well being of animals. We want to help others to live a more natural and self sufficient lifestyle even if they can't  move out to the country the way we did. We sell many types of animals as well as all the supplies you need to get started on the right foot and keep them healthy.

 We enjoy helping people learn how easy it is to raise their own healthy animals and provide their first set of chickens, rabbits and turkeys. We can provide you with everything that you need to get started raising rabbits, raising chickens and other animals today. We love our animals and try to give them the best care possible. Just because some animals end up as food shouldn't mean that they should live a horrible life. We would love to be your number one source for animals, pet supplies and support. 

We hope to encourage you and others to turn away from purchasing store eggs and store meat that come from unhealthy factory farms as well as purchasing pets from pet stores who obtain those pets from breeders who neglect, abuse and keep their animals is unhealthy inhumane conditions. 

Next time you buy a pet please ask to see where it came from. 

Don't let the name fool you, we are not your typical farm. We don't just sell farm animals. We carry Rabbits, Rabbit Supplies, Pet feeders, Pet Carriers, Chicken Feeders,feed and much more. WE DO NOT SHIP RABBITS but we do ship supplies and offer local delivery on small animals. Thank you in advance for supporting a small business.

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Please educate yourself about the cruel and un-natural life that Hens are forced to live. Even the so called "CAGE FREE".     
The first one is a sarcastic tv commercial ad about the truths of buying store eggs.

The following is real footage from different factory chicken farms around the country.




The point? We need to stand together and insist that supermarkets only sell TRUE free range eggs. Do your part by writing to supermarkets CEO's, boycotting supermarket eggs, purchasing eggs and meat from a local free range farm, or raise your own backyard flock!

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